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Incorrigible Entertainment

(shows about incorrigible women by incorrigible women)

We create theatrical works about Female Heroes.

Our goal is to join women in other fields of entertainment to tell women's stories in the world of live theater.


AW Collection
Psyche First Upon A Time.jpg

Psyche: First Upon a Time

The myth about the dawning of human consciousness, and really, the bedrock and first ever, timeless princess story. Every princess story you've ever heard, every single one, can be traced back to this remarkable tale. 


Anaïs Nin: Unbound

The life and times of the extraordinary 20th century literary icon Anaïs Nin. The performers bring the controversial author to life in a production that shatters stage conventions in the same way Nin herself violated literary and societal expectations. The dancers and vocalist unveil the author’s journey of self-discovery which took her from a naïve young housewife into the café society of Paris, where she emerged as an important literary figure during the 1930s through her life in the United States during and after World War II, to her death and its aftermath in the 1970s. 

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Hildegard the Experience

An VR/AR experience about the life and visions of the 12th century polymath nun and rock star of her day Hildegard of Bingen, with symphony orchestra, rock band, projection mapping and VR.


Follow Dixie and her birth mother Doris' extraordinary parallel journeys from the Kennedy years in DC to NYC in the 90s, through Miami in the 2010s uncovering secrets and astonishing identity reveals along the way. Incorrigible Entertainment is very excited to be working with notable film composer Christopher Young on this project.



She was always known as the "evil queen" in the classic Jewish Purim tale because she refused to dance naked at the king's feast. We explore her side of the story in this compelling opera.

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